Warranty On Our GoDEX Printers


We offer a 3-Year guarantee on our Godex printers!

Limited Product Warranty

Godex printers, scanners, accessories and spare parts are warranted by Godex to be free from defects in workmanship and material for the applicable warranty periods set in followings, and such warranty periods commence from the date of invoice to the customer or, if the customer is not able to provide the proof of invoice, then the ship date from Godex. 

Printer (excluding Print Head, and other normal wear items)

Warranty Period = 24 months

*Exclusion: travel, transportation, technician and manpower not included. 


Warranty Exclusions and Conditions

All Godex warranties are null and void in cases of customer misuse or neglect that may include: improper operation of the product, using the product for purposes other than its designed purpose, lack or absence of proper and timely cleaning, product modification, and electrostatic discharge. Defects covered under Godex’s warranty coverage will be remedied by product repair or replacement, at Godex’s sole discretion. For warranty repairs, the customer pays freight costs for shipping to Godex and Godex pays freight costs for shipping back to the customer, with the least expensive service. For non-warranty repairs, customer pays freight both ways. Proof of purchase from customer or end user may be required to validate warranty period. Product returned to Godex must be properly packaged. The cost to repair damage to products that have been improperly packaged is the responsibility of the customer. This warranty is exclusive. Godex disclaims all other warranties, specifically any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Godex’s maximum liability for warranty claims is limited to the invoiced price of the defective product. Godex shall not be under any circumstances, liable for any consequential losses or damages to any party with respect to any warranty claim or occurrence.

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